Headphase & Friends Artist Announcement: DDE


Artist Announcement 4: DDE

Meet my friend Dean. Dean is a familiar face in the Cape Town electronic music scene as a DJ, radio host, designer and promoter. SYNW at The Assembly and Cobs Cove in St Francis are two places that Dean calls home, as a resident and crowd favourite at both. I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest of Dean’s on the SYNW radio show and in St Francis at Cobs Cove.

Dean’s “jack-knife” approach to house music sees him exploring an edgy side of tech house and bassline house, sure to get the bottles popping and veins pumping. Immerse yourself in his sounds straight from his website, featuring a number of mixes, videos and redubs. Here’s one of his most recent mixes below.

There’s bound to be a party happening with DDE on board!

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