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I checked in with IDM Mag for an interview in approach to Synergy Live.

We spoke about festivals, 90’s house, aerobics, corduroy pillows as well as Traptain Twerkno and the EDMterprise.

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Headphase is on the rise – both in his personal life as Tim Mitchell, a business student at UCT, and as melody maker headlining festivals around the country.

The ex-Johannesburg native is currently gearing up for a set at this year’s Synergy Live alongside the likes of PHFAT, Grimehouse, Das Kapital and international imports Feed Me and DJ Nonames from Foreign Beggars. I stole time from his busy schedule to find out more.

IDM MAG: How would you differ the electronic music scene in Cape Town as opposed to the one Joburg?

HEADPHASE: JHB crowds have an eagerness to get out there and hear new artists, support promoters who bring something unique, all the while committing to events and DJ’s that they enjoy. CT is a little bit more fickle. Crowds move between genres, events and DJ’s depending on what is current or “cool.” But at the same time, I’ve found that the artist community and internal support in CT is unmatched and something that leads the scene from strength to strength.

IDM MAG: You say entering the electronic music scene as a young DJ has its challenges. One of them being, “with a saturation of EDM from all corners of the globe and music tending towards somewhat of a popularity contest.” What’s your take on DJ Mag’s Top 100 Poll?

HEADPHASE: I don’t have anything against EDM producers, if they’re pushing something that’s good for what it is, then good for them. It’s more the culture of EDM that bothers me – drugs, fist pumping, hand hearts, tribal tattoos, popularity contests and the pursuit of fame and fortune describe a rave culture that many young DJ’s and producers are chasing, not realising they only thing they should care about is quality music. I feel that DJ Mag focuses too much on this culture and similar cultures, but not enough on the actual music. That isn’t for me; I’ll leave it to Traptain Twerkno and the EDMterprise.

IDM MAG: How did you get on board with Red Bull Studio Cape Town and how has that been treating you?

HEADPHASE: Red Bull Studio Cape Town is a great platform for electronic music artists. I came into contact with them at a number of the workshops they hold in conjunction with festivals such as CTEMF. Since then, I’ve been invited to play on their stages at a number of CT’s electronic music festivals like Earthdance and Synergy. They offer loads of knowledge and assistance and have been a key player in growing the South African electronic music scene, both in the studio and out at events and festivals.

IDM MAG: You’ll be playing Synergy Live for a second time on the 30th November.  How has your set grown in the last year?

HEADPHASE: Last year I opened up the Red Bull stage at the festival with a gradual movement through more mellow, ambient, low-end weighty sounds (a bit like Tomas Barfod – November Skies the Sepalcure Remix) to more catchy garage/house sounds from artists like Shadow Child, Kyle Watson and Squarehead. This year will probably move from a bit of a 90’s house revival sound towards more of a garage/bassline feel before I hand over the reins to bass-master George Daniel.

IDM MAG: Speaking of which, you’re a child of the 90’s. What are your earliest memories of house?

HEADPHASE: I seem to remember bopping as a toddler to my mom’s 90’s aerobics videos with all those blondes in lumo spandex. Fast forward to today, I’ve really started to enjoy the 90’s garage and even disco aspects that a bunch of house producers integrate into their music. I got a chance to travel to Barcelona and Ibiza this year and saw guys like Dusky, Huxley, Bicep and Citizen hitting the nail on the head with somewhat of a 90’s house revival sound.

IDM MAG: And what’s your best memory from last year’s Synergy?

HEADPHASE: It’s hard to pick out a winner here, but watching the sunset over Theewaterskloof dam from the Mainstay Beach Bar with the sounds of Julz Sanchez and Pierre Estienne was a goodie. Other memorable bits and pieces for me included Chris Jack’s Saturday evening set; a driving Killer Robot set; a dancey Tommy Gun set; as well as all the usual fun, conversation and banter backstage at the Red Bull stage.

IDM MAG: I dig the jokes you post on your Twitter feed. Care to share one for our IDM Magazine readers?

HEADPHASE: Well I’m not sure if you’ve heard all the hype about corduroy pillows? They’re really making headlines.

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